There are times when you may be out driving in the SeaTac area and you need to get cheap towing Seattle Wa. That is when you call our towing partner, 206 Towing for help. Here are five situations when you need access to 24/7 roadside assistance.

Vehicle Breakdown

A car can suddenly break down for many reasons, and if yours does, swerve to the side of the road carefully to avoid an accident. Many people are tempted to try and fix it themselves, but without the proper skills, you could end up causing further damage. The best option for you is to have your vehicle towed to an auto shop.

Overheating Engine

Engine overheating may result from low coolant levels, leaking water pumps, or damaged fan belts. It is typically not recommended to drive the vehicle further in cases like these since the damage could be irreparable. You’d be better off calling for towing and having your car serviced quickly.

No Gas

If your 1980 Chevette has run out of fuel, it is certainly frustrating, since it is not always an issue you can solve on your own. You do not need to worry if you get stranded out of gasoline when there are no nearby gas stations. You can find towing companies that can deliver gas to you at any time.

Stuck Vehicle

Vehicles can get off the road when they encounter slippery roads. The right equipment is essential when your car is stuck in a ditch, deep snow, or thick mud. Towing services are the best option if you need assistance pulling yourself out of this bind.


It is sometimes inevitable to get into a collision. If your vehicle is still driveable after notification of the authorities, evaluate the damage. In case of doubt, it would be best to have your car towed instead. It is important to remember that even minor collisions can cause underlying problems.