Getting a flat tire when driving is a huge hassle that is also dangerous, also when you’re parked on the shoulder with traffic driving by. Most vehicles are outfitted with a spare tire, as well as a great deal of cars have a full-size spare that is exactly the exact same size of the other tires on the car.

If, for one reason or another, your vehicle does not have a spare tire, it is recommended that you acquire one quickly in order to avoid being stranded when traveling for what could be a very long time, depending upon where you obtain a puncture, and also the length of time it takes roadside aid to get to you.

Trigger the emergency lights to make your automobile extra visible to oncoming traffic (constantly do this, yet particularly during the night) and also open up the hood of the lorry to indicate to other cars you remain in distress.

Take it out and relax it near the tire that requires altering. If you have a full-size spare tire, you can change it with any tire on the vehicle. If you just have a little spare tire, or what is additionally called a “donut” extra, you can just change it with a tire that is non-driven.

This suggests that if you have rear-wheel drive as well as you have a flat tire at the rear of the lorry, you will certainly have to remove a tire from the front of the cars and truck as well as replace that full-size tire with the flat tire at the back. You can after that affix the “donut” extra to the front end.

Loosen the lugs or screws. You might need a screwdriver to eliminate part of the wheel or hubcap that covers the lug nuts or bolts.

Prior to you elevate the lorry, take the lug wrench as well as loosen up the lugs nuts or bolts repairing the wheel to the axle. Do not get rid of the lug nuts or screws, just loosen them so they can be quickly gotten rid of once the car is lifted.

See to it you put the floor jack beneath a solid place under the chassis that is created to be strong enough to withstand the weight of the car. These are called “jack points” and they are usually detailed in the proprietor’s handbook.

Increase the car slowly as well as focus on anything that appears wrong. If the jack begins to tilt or the base begins to find off the ground, lower the vehicle quickly, rearrange the jack, and also begin again.