Our heavy duty towing  trucks haul most large vehicles including:

  • Tractor trailers
  • School buses
  • Dump trucks
  • Motor homes
  • Mobile cranes
  • Construction equipment
  • Fire
  • Emergency trucks

Some of our heavy duty towing specialties include:

  • RVs and busses: These larger vehicles require proper axel support and chassis when being towed and often can be resorted to flatbed towing—meaning that many towing companies are not able to handle them. If your bus or RV is sidelined, generally a heavy duty tow truck to ensure the properly expedited towing of your heavy duty, Class A vehicle.
  • Semi Tractor Trailer, 18-Wheeler, Big-Rig, etc.: Agricultural vehicles such as tractors are complicated and require extensive knowledge of their uniqueness when towing is involved. Usually, a heavy-duty towing company has a clear understanding that is required for agricultural recovery and they professionally and safely transport vehicles to the destination of your choice.

Most heavy duty towing companies are more than pleased to offer towing for heavy duty vehicles of all kinds. They are generally determined and committed to getting sidelined heavy duty vehicles, trailers, lowboys and drop decks back on their jobs as soon as possible.

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